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Pavlos Kyriacou

Pavlos Kyriacou
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Limassol, Cyprus

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Dietitian & Nutritionist

Pavlos has been practising in the field of nutrition and dietetics for over 30 years making him a highly experienced in his field. He studied at the University of Belgrade, Serbia from where he received his degree in Nutrition and Dietetics. He was the first dietitian in his hometown Limassol that practised in the field at a time when the concept of nutrition and dietetics was still in its infancy stages in Cyprus. He helped in the development and popularisation of the concepts of nutrition in the island of Cyprus. Furthermore, he lectured in colleges and other institutions for many years.

He currently continues to practise in the field of dietetics and nutrition with the same passion in his private practise as he has done during the past decades but with an experience in the file that rarely if ever to be found.

Pavlos is registered with the ‘Cyprus Council for the Registration of Food Scientists/Technologists and. Dietitians’ (Cy) while been a member of the ‘Cyprus Dietetic Association’.

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