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Sports training camps

Choose your sport and the Active Planet team will provide the most optimal Training Camp for your Team, which will meet all your requirements.

Olympic sports

Non-Olympic sports

Paralympic sports

How to choose a training camp?

  1. You just need to send a request for the sports training camp with dates, all the information and requirements and your team members.
  2. Our manager will provide you with the best solution for the training camp within hour.

You should pay attention to:

  1. LocationThe best options for sports training camps are sport facilities located on the sea front and in the mountains. The most important requirement is the fresh and clean sea and mountain air, and also a comfortable climate for training sessions and recovery.
  2. Sports facilities levelThe sports facilities must provide all the necessary services and level in accordance with Olympic standards.
  3. Sports facilities and equipmentUpon request, we will provide you all necessary inventory and equipment for the training sessions.
  4. NutritionIt is worth paying attention to fresh, varied, and high-quality nutrition. You should have possibility to make changes and agree individual menu. It is necessary to inform us in advance if there are athletes in the team with allergies or special nutritional needs, or special wishes for the team's diet.
  5. Sports medicineAt the training camp, we provide a traumatologist, chiropractor by prior agreement. A sports and qualified doctor provides quick assistance in case of possible injuries to athletes during training and selects the optimal course of rehabilitation. It is important to inform us if you need a sports masseur and chiropractor is required at the training camp, who will work with athletes throughout the training camp.
  6. RecoveryProper nutrition, good sleep, massage, a sauna with a swimming pool and cryosauna are important for the athlete's recovery, after a good load and effective training.
  7. Excursions, leisure and sport activitiesWe offer an interesting program of activities both on the territory of a sports complex or close to. We think over the best solutions that do not require long trips and time-consuming movement.
  8. SecurityRound-the-clock security of the hotel and the sports base, lifeguards at the pool, medical personnel, duty vehicles and our coordinators ensure reliability and a comfortable stay at the camp for our teams.
    Active Planet guides you through every step of planning your training camp.Active Planet guides you through every step of planning your training camp.
  • We offer the best sports facilities with a suitable location (bases on the sea, bases in the mountains)
  • We provide comfortable accommodation with 3 meals at the sports complex or in the immediate vicinity (hotels from 3 * to 5 *)
  • Issue an invitation, visas, and insurance (if necessary)
  • Agree on a training schedule and an active recreation program
  • We organize best transport options (plane, ferry, train, bus)
  • We meet and guide you during the entire training camp
  • We provide all needed documentation ( contracts, invoices, payment and booking confirmations)
  • We guide the group from the moment of contacting our company until the team returns home
  • We provide cash back services and government donation program for athletes and coaches

And the best part is that our basic services are included in the training camp price!

ACTIVE PLANET has been organizing any type of sports events for over 10 years. Our team are athletes in the past, so we can ensure the most efficient training camp! Working with athletes every year, we have collected a unique catalog of sports facilities around the world. ACTIVE PLANET is guaranteed to be able to choose a sports facilities that will meet your requirements and expectations.