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Olympic sports

Cyprus is famous for its well-developed sports infrastructure for all types of summer Olympic sports. Athletic facilities, training grounds, stadiums, swimming pools, cycling roads, shooting ranges satisfy high-class international requirements where all safety standards are accounted for and all needed equipment is provided.
The frequent training camps organized in Cyprus create a great opportunity for friendly matches, sparring’s, tournaments and games with professional athletes from Cyprus or with the teams from abroad
The ACTIVE PLANET’s primary line of business is to organize training camps for professional and junior athletes and sports teams. 
We prepare custom sports programs for children and youth by competently combining training and entertainment. The children’s training grounds are located in the most ecologically clean parts of out locations in Cyprus, Greece and Bulgaria. Swimming, gymnastics, football and various sports training camps for children, teams, and individual athletes are organized in Cyprus in all seasons. The sports training camps by the sea are the best for their health and future athletic achievements!
Competently fully designed and worked on logistics is one of the most important aspects of organizing sports training camp. We can arrange your accommodations, athletic facilities, locations for general physical training and leisure activities.
ACTIVE PLANET will professionally organize friendly matches, sparring, tournaments, and games with professional athletes from Cyprus or abroad.
Sports training camps in Cyprus are a unique opportunity for every athlete to:
Practice to improve their individual performance and results
Fully concentrate on training efficiency
Leave a familiar environment and broaden their horizons professionally, culturally, and socially
It is especially important for children since sports camps allow them more focused training with increased levels of motivation as compared to the home setting. 
Sports training camps allow for focus on achieving maximum effective results. They also provide opportunities to work with athletes of higher levels and well-qualified coaches. Furthermore, training camps become a unifying factor for teams and athletes improving morale, athletic spirit, and adding value to every effort and achievement. 
Cyprus is also well known for high-quality customer service, hospitality and a wide selection of hotels with their own sandy beaches, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, aquatic and kids entertainment, and own athletic facilities (e.g. tennis courts, soccer fields, beach volley, etc.).   
ACTIVE PLANET is confident that spending a few days or few weeks is very helpful for team spirit and team building; therefore, we carefully design and organize unique leisure programs for athletes and members of the team.
ACTIVE PLANET cooperates with professional tour guides and will organize various excursions, including: cultural, historical, food tasting, marine, active and many others. 
We are ready to create an exclusive program of the sports training camp based on the individual needs and requirements of every group.