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our advantages

Several reasons to choose us!

1. Efficiency

Our reservation and information department works 24/7. Each received request for the organization of training is processed within 24 hours, after which a commercial offer with a full description of conditions for organizing the training are sent.

If you have any questions or you require clarifications, we are always at your service. ACTIVE PLANET responds promptly and takes all the necessary steps to ensure that your request is transferred to the signing of the agreement and has been confirmed on both sides.

Here you will receive a ready-made solution for comfortable and effective training of athletes. We value our customers.

2. Service at a high level

Our company is proud of the quality and level of service that ACTIVE PLANET provides to sports groups and teams from around the world.

Sports federations, schools, parents, tour operators and travel agents often do not have the ability to control the quality of service at the place of stay, but our employees are ready to instantly find solution to any issue. We value our reputation and take care of each group.

Our advantages

3. Individual and integrated approach

ACTIVE PLANET undertakes the organization of sports as well as training and events. We know how important it is that the whole program is well planned and organized because every minute is important for the athlete. We have an individual approach to each client, and in the end, the team gets the necessary program of training to prepare for start-ups and competitions.

Our reservation managers select sports facilities, based on the conditions of the request, offer a choice of accommodation in hotels of different levels (3,4,5 *) in walking distance from sports facilities.

We always take care of nutrition and discuss with the trainers the menu for athletes, depending on the sport and the amount of loadings in the group.

ACTIVE PLANET selects the best variants of air travel for the price and time en route.

Also, we have different types of transfers for sports groups throughout the training.

Photo 1 — Our advantages

4. Sports infrastructure

For a long time, we have collected a large database of the best sports facilities in all European countries, including various islands, peninsulas, continents, middle mountains and highlands - we will offer you the unique locations.

All sports facilities comply with Olympic standards, which allow athletes to conduct training at a high level and get everything they need at training camps.

We have a huge selection of Olympic sports facilities, football fields, tennis courts, open Olympic pools, gyms and much more. All you need to do is "Send an application" and within 24 hours you will receive an individual commercial offer with an invitation to the training.

5. Flexible pricing policy

We are always ready to provide the best prices for our customers - the longer the training period and the higher the number of participants, the better the price. All our offers are 10-15% lower than the average market value!

The cost of training will be significantly lower when booking a group of 15 people for a minimum period of 14 days. Also, we can book training for a year ahead, under these conditions, you will get the lowest price. You should book preferably not later than 6 months in advance. Any booking made less than 3 months in advance will be more expensive and to get the desired time slot for training at sports facilities will be harder.

There are situations that the allocated budget is limited and athletes do not have the opportunity to accept our proposal, since it is much higher than their budget, in such cases we try to meet halfway and offer the most suitable option for both parties.

6. Video and photography of the sportsman's equipment

In our company, there are 2 professional photographers and a videographer. We provide professional photo and video shooting services for athletes during the training process. The shooting is conducted underwater (with the underwater camera), in the air (aerial photography with drones), from the ground which makes up to 150 frames per second.

*All materials are transferred to the coaches and the team leader.

Photo 2 — Our advantages

7. The best excursions and the program of active rest

In addition to the welcoming reception and caring attitude, we always plan a program of outdoor activities and offer the most unforgettable and interesting excursions for every taste.

8. Video about the training team

Our company shoots, edits and gives you as a gift a video about the team's training.

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