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Savvas, Dance Teacher

Savvas, Dance Teacher
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Nicosia, Cyprus

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Facilities: Dance Academy Cyprus
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Savvas was born in Nicosia, Cyprus and became avidly interested in the art of dance and movement at a very young age. He participated in traditional performances at school and began to take advanced private lessons where he expanded his knowledge of traditional culture and technique with regards to Cypriot and Greek dance. As a teenager, Savvas began to experiment and master his techniques in modern dance styles including hip-hop and MJ breakdance styles. He also became very interested in Latin American dances, an interest he continued to explore in depth as an adult.

With over ten years of performing and teaching experience, he continuously evolved his personal style through boot camps, seminars, and workshops both in Cyprus and abroad, helping him solidly develop his personal style and technique. Today he is a sought after professional and continues to teach dancers of all ages and experience levels as well as perform on a group and individual basis in public arenas and on national media outlets. He has a passion for experimental and classic choreography and enjoys positioning himself as both a team player and a team leader in professional dance crews across the island.

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