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Non-Olympic sports

Active Planet will be happy to organize training camps for non-Olympic types of sports. Non-Olympic sports become more popular in Cyprus and Greece year by year and some even seek recognition as the Olympic types of sport in the future.
Our world is so diverse that in addition to officially recognized types of sport, there are many that do not fall under commonly accepted standards of sports or competitions but never the less these sports are growing in popularity.
Someone may ask, what is common in gymnastics, swimming, soccer, rhythmic, basketball, hockey, triathlon etc. Among many others, these are the officially recognized as the summer or winter Olympic sports. 
But not all sports are the Olympic sports. For instance, Kickboxing, darts, Thai box, jiu-jitsu, mixed martial arts, powerlifting, all of them are non-Olympic sports.
Have you ever thought why some of the sports are part of the Olympic while others are not? There are many reasons.
There are also games that should not be called “sport.”
Does everybody know that billiard and bowling are sports? In everyday life, they are just ways to relax. It is also difficult to believe that chess is a sport and not a just brain developing game.
And yet, there is the Chess Federation, the Federation of Billiard, and the Federation of Bowling. At different times, those sports were suggested to be a part of the Olympics. They might become part of the Olympics in the future. 
On the other hand, let’s look at the Winter Olympics. Curling is an Olympic sport since 1998. But is it more attractive for spectators than bowling? Bowling is definitely more popular and more people play it….
In one word, professional and amateurs athletes have a huge selection of sports, which suits each participant’s temperament, character, and physical abilities. Our company is ready to organize training camps for you. We are confident that we can satisfy all your wishes, needs, and requirements so you will return to us yearly to engage in your favourite sports and active holidays.
We wait for you in Greece and Cyprus. Please submit your request for training camp organization. See you soon!
A team of Active Planet.