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individual workouts

Our company provides a unique opportunity to combine a wonderful holiday with individual training.

Our friendly team, which employs excellent trainers, professionals of their business, and most importantly, those whose meaning of life is sport, will be happy to spend several hours a day with you. We provide the best trainers in "General Physical Training" and various sports, depending on the request of our customers, for the entire stay on vacation.

What exactly do we offer?

  • preliminary consultation and test training, which reveals the condition and overall physical shape of your body, after which a suitable program and training plan is created;

  • daily work with the coach for the result in different sports complexes:

    • in open Olympic pools;
    • at athletics stadiums;
    • on football fields;
    • cycle training (Triathlon and Cycling);
    • GYMs;
    • fitness clubs;
    • the best yoga studios;
    • and many other sports facilities.
  • Sports massages and rehabilitation after injuries, gymnastics, manual therapy.

Effective and worthwhile workouts include program selection, individual recommendations, safety and other important factors. That is why, between group and individual training, many choose the latter. We figure out the peculiarities of personal classes and find out what advantages can be expected for those who chose individual sessions with the coach.

Advantages of personal trainings

It does not matter what type of training you choose - a fitness program or simulators in the hall - in both cases there are personal trainings that will bring you a lot of benefits. With them, you get an individual approach that will help you get the desired result faster. At the initial stage, our trainers make up the program and give recommendations on nutrition, so after a while, you will be able to get along without the help of a mentor.

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