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Aikido school2
Nicosia, Cyprus

Aikido school2
Address Nicosia, Cyprus
Kinds of sports
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Cyprus Aikido Academy founded by Sensei Marios Constantinou in October 2010. The headquarter is in Nicosia. The head instructor is Sensei Marios Constantinou. First assistant instructor Demetra Constantinou, second assistant instructor Antreas Constantinou. Also in Greece over sea branch instructor is Sensei Vangelis Makris of Tenjin dojo.

  • Adult Training Class
  • Buki Waza Class
  • Gendai Woman Class
  • Kids Training Class
  • Taiho Jutsu Grand Academy-Keisatsu Taiho Jutsu Class
  • Shinobi Nintai Jutsu Class
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