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Shooting school1
Limassol, Cyprus

Shooting school1
Address Limassol, Cyprus
Kinds of sports and more 2 sport
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The shooting club of Limassol was founded in 1966 by a few hunters lead by the late Dr. Solon Solomonides. In 1993 a research around the town of Limassol started in order to find a suitable piece of land to be used for erecting a new shooting range that will offer all shooting disciplines. After a long search a piece of land situated just North of Armenochori village was found, and it was aquired with the help of the Cyprus Sports Organization.

The new Limassol international shooting range was completed in 1999 and has 3 SKEET ranges, 3 TRAP/DOUBLE TRAP ranges, 5 Sporting FITASC layouts, 4 Compak layouts,14 station Air Gun and Air pistol hall, hunting airgun and a Club House. The Shooting Club of Limassol is one of the six founder members of the Cyprus Shooting Sport Federation (CSSF).

At Limassol Shooting Club we fully support young people who wish to get into shooting by offering lessons. The Young Shots lesson comprises 25 cartridges and clays, full instruction by qualified and accredited coach, gun and equipment hire. The Limassol Shooting Club also offers shooting lessons in the sport of fixed target pistol / rifle airgun for boys and girls. The Limassol Shooting Club sessions are a perfect way for any under 18 year old to be introduced to shooting in a safe and controlled manner.

  • Skeet
  • Olympic Trap
  • Double Trap
  • Air Rifle
  • Air Pistol
  • Sporting
  • Compak
  • Ball Trap
  • Hunter Field Target

We also provide to our members gym to be fit and also to improve their performance in shooting.

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