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Shooting school2
Larnaca, Cyprus

Shooting school2
Address Larnaca, Cyprus
Kinds of sports and more 2 sport
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Olympic Shooting Range is located just outside of Larnaca. The range has all the necessary equipment for beginners and professionals. Beginner-level classes are available.

  • 4 combined Trap / Double Trap / Skeet layouts
  • 1 separate Trap / Double Trap layout
  • 1 separate Skeet layout
  • 5 layouts can be used at any time in any event
  • All layouts can be used also for Compak Sporting
  • All the layouts are equipped with MATTARELLI clay target throwing machines and PROGETTI electronic scoreboards and acoustic release systems with microphones.
  • The Results of all six layouts and rankings can be displayed, live on TV monitors in the main cafeteria.
  • 8 FITASC Sporting Layouts equipped with LAPORTE clay target machines and wireless release control units.
  • Facilities for Air Rifle outdoor long range shooting.
  • The venue has all necessary offices, medical centre and infra structure for hosting major shooting competitions and other sport or social event.
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