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Ammochostos Stadium, Cyprus
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Sports Complex:

The stadium, owned by Nea Salamina in Larnaca, has a capacity of 5,000 seats and is mainly used for football. Club offices are in the same zone. The stadium is named after the city of Famagusta (Greek Αμμόχωστος; Ammochostos).

Sports infrastructure:

Soccer field 105m x 68m, with natural grass
All the necessary equipment, equipment and paraphernalia for friendly matches, training and tournaments / soccer championships

Additional options:

Changing rooms
Press room
Room for announcers and broadcasts
Medical office
Doping control room
Room for judges

General information
Location: convenient, located in Larnaca, not far from Larnaca International Airport
Ammochostos Stadium, Cyprus
Address Larnaca, Cyprus
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