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Sports Complex:

Sierra Nevada (Spanish Sierra Nevada -“ snow ridge ”) is a mountain range in the south of the Iberian Peninsula. The highest point is Mount Mulasen, 3478 m. Sierra Nevada is a popular tourist destination, since its snowy slopes are the most southerly in Europe has a ski resort, and the Mediterranean climate gives warm weather and many sunny days. At the foot of the ridge lies the city of Granada, and a little further away - Malaga and Almeria. Some parts of the ridge are included in the national park, besides the whole ridge is part of the biosphere reserve uk. On the northern slope at an altitude of 2800 m located observatory of Sierra Nevada. In this beautiful place with clean, mountain air, and the center is located (one hour from the sea) with the Olympic swimming pool, which is well suited for any season, because here you can choose the climatic conditions in which you feel most comfortable. The Center is owned by the Council of the National Sports Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports. Located at an altitude of 2320 m. Above sea level and is an ideal base for training in high-altitude conditions. A unique place to gather athletes, sports federations and clubs. Accommodation: in 4-bed rooms with amenities (for athletes) and 1 or 2-bed rooms with amenities (for coaches) Meals: 3 meals a day: breakfast of European type, lunch and dinner - enhanced sports menu "

Sports infrastructure:

- Football field (100x63 m (or 105x68 m), artificial turf)
- Athletics (8 athletics tracks at 400 meters, 4 pits for long jump and triple jump, 2 zones for high jumps and with a pole, a hole with water for running with obstacles for 3 kilometers)
- Athletics pavilion (6 tracks per 130 m)
- Indoor pool (50x16 m, depth 3 m, 6 lanes)
- Universal sports hall (54x32 m, ceiling height 12 m, marking for tennis, volleyball, handball and basketball, martial arts)
- Universal gym (32x32 m, ceiling height 7.8 m, basketball, handball, tennis, volleyball, badminton, martial arts)

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Address Sierra Nevada, Spain
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