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pole dance tour

Pole dance is a particular type of physical activity for men and women. Pole dance combines gymnastics, choreography and power training.

Pole dance involves and gradually builds all muscles, improves body shape and helps with body sculpture. There is no need to be very plastic or physically fit to start pole dancing.


  • equal muscle development – sculpted body, flat belly, strong sculpted back, slim legs;
  • noble bearing forever;
  • correct breath. Deep breath intensifies oxygen access to all body tissues and organs and improves general state of health and appearance;
  • endurance. Vascular system trainings will help to prevent the risk of heart attacks, strokes etc.;
  • accelerated metabolism contributes to faster calorie burning;
  • stress, fatigues and emotional tension relief. The mood is more and more improved after each training. Your negative reaction to external stimulus will be significantly reduced;
  • pelvic blood circulation – eliminates painful periods and improves the cycle. Moreover, that kind of training will help with easy childbirth in future.

Pole-dance tour is

Pole dance trainings are divided into four stages:

  • warming-up and stretching;
  • learning of movements and groups of movements on the pole;
  • exercises that are meant for all muscle groups development;
  • after-training stretching in order to calm the muscled down.

Tour will be arranged in exotic places with rich nature, instead of cardio you will be able to climb the mountain or jog along the ocean shore, however instead of passive rest you can make a meditation session.

Training program is made individually for every participant, based on the skills.

If you have children and they travel with you

In case you cannot leave your children at home – that is definitely not a problem! We can offer you a family fitness-tour. While you have rest and attend the trainings, your children stay together with experienced entertainers and trainers. Moreover, if the children are grown-up, we can offer sports trainings, where experienced trainers will improve physical well-being and can introduce the love to sports.

What is included in the tour price

Fitness-voyage comprises:

  • flight;
  • insurance + visa;
  • transfer;
  • accommodation;
  • food;
  • fitness-services package.

*price depends on the country and season

Safety and comfort of our clients is a top priority for us. Tour participants are met at the arrival and get the transfer back, they are offered comfortable rooms, supervisors solve every single question. With us you will be able to concentrate on the target set instead of being distracted by small everyday questions.

  • 8 days / 7 nights
  • Price(per/day) от 49 €
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